Sunday, February 20, 2005

v2.61 of BadBlue Excel Web Collaboration Server

Click here for AmazonFinally... the new version of BadBlue (version 2.61) is out with some features that were heavily requested.

* Remote users no longer see the Manage and Help tabs - there is a much cleaner look for external users. Only local users and remote administrators can see the management interface. See the User Security page for details!

* Excel freshness indicators available - if you have multiple users updating Excel workbooks using BadBlue's unique Excel web-sharing features, you can now provide "freshness indicators" to see which folders and files have been modified since your last visit. See the Excel sharing page for details!

* Enhancement in Excel web sharing access control: now cell-by-cell read- and write-restrictions for users incorporates support for tabbed workbooks. That is, each user can have a different security profile (ability to read or write different cells) for each tabbed workbook in an Excel file. See the Advanced Excel Sharing page for details!

* Faster performance for core web-serving capabilities. New security enhancements have allowed us to streamline the core user-interface web server logic while hardening the system against attacks.

Get the latest - visit the download center for Personal Edition v2.61 or the Product Page to order Enterprise Edition v2.61.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Breaking the spreadsheet habit?

Back in 1991, the AICPA released a survey that showed that Lotus 1-2-3, then the spreadsheet of choice. It was also the top database, graphics package, and budgeting tool in the CPA community.

Change the words "1-2-3" to Microsoft Excel and you'd probably get a similar result today...

WebCPA: Breaking the spreadsheet habit?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Automatic real-time publishing of Excel via the Web

Excel-Web Sharing in real-timeI saw that BadBlue version 2.6 was announced a couple of weeks ago and there is one new feature, in particular, that looks pretty neat. A real-time refresh lets a user monitor one or more workbooks in a browser, which are re-displayed automatically. This is useful in situations where some data is derived from other sources or updated by other users.

Now users can make sure they're viewing the latest up-to-date information all the time. Without any programming or complicated setup.

New features in BadBlue 2.6