Monday, March 21, 2005

BadBlue adds Excel Web Charting Support!

BadBlue v2.62 Excel Web Sharing with Chart SupportThis is pretty cool. The new version of BadBlue (v2.62) just came out and it adds some wickety-whack (uhm, that means "kewl") new features:

  • Charts are supported! Yes, you heard that right, if you have charts in your workbooks, they'll publish right over the web automagically... and you can control the charts' appearance including size and resolution.

  • Navigation through workbooks is much, much easier: the navigation buttons now appears on the small, popup editor window so you can navigate without the click, button press, click button press, ... cycle. Much slicker and faster.

  • You can control how linked workbooks operate, meaning whether links are updated, which kinds of links update, etc.

  • The feature added a little while ago where the Manage and Help tabs don't appear for remote users (that is, normal users and not remote administrators) now works consistently in all folder exploring modes. I guess the tabs could show up sometimes when they weren't supposed to... but now that's been remedied.

    Check it out... get the free download now because it has a free preview of all the Excel sharing features. Or just go ahead and order the Enterprise version if you want to get started on true Excel collaboration.