Sunday, February 20, 2005

v2.61 of BadBlue Excel Web Collaboration Server

Click here for AmazonFinally... the new version of BadBlue (version 2.61) is out with some features that were heavily requested.

* Remote users no longer see the Manage and Help tabs - there is a much cleaner look for external users. Only local users and remote administrators can see the management interface. See the User Security page for details!

* Excel freshness indicators available - if you have multiple users updating Excel workbooks using BadBlue's unique Excel web-sharing features, you can now provide "freshness indicators" to see which folders and files have been modified since your last visit. See the Excel sharing page for details!

* Enhancement in Excel web sharing access control: now cell-by-cell read- and write-restrictions for users incorporates support for tabbed workbooks. That is, each user can have a different security profile (ability to read or write different cells) for each tabbed workbook in an Excel file. See the Advanced Excel Sharing page for details!

* Faster performance for core web-serving capabilities. New security enhancements have allowed us to streamline the core user-interface web server logic while hardening the system against attacks.

Get the latest - visit the download center for Personal Edition v2.61 or the Product Page to order Enterprise Edition v2.61.


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