Sunday, March 12, 2006

XLsharing for IIS

If you're interested in running BadBlue Excel sharing features on IIS (not just its integrated server), they've just introduced XLsharing for IIS. This new product allows Microsoft's well-respected IIS web server to perform "live views" of Excel workbooks for browser-based sharing of spreadsheets.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Euro date support for version 2.68

Yes, there is a new configuration setting in BadBlue 2.68 that lets you control European date format display and data-entry. To modify the date settings, click the Manage tab, then click Set preferences and P2P sharing options.

To view Excel dates in European format, change the "Euro date display" seting to "Yes".

To override the local server's data-entry mode, change the "Override month/day" setting to "Yes". Note that this step may not be necessary for servers that already have European date settings configured.

After changing either setting, press the Save Changes button. You will need to exit and restart the server to see these changes take effect.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

BadBlue 2.66 Excel-Web Sharing Released

Excel-to-web spreadsheet sharingThe new version of BadBlue has been released, according to the web site. A couple of things worth noting about the new version: navigation through workbooks is faster and multiple home pages can be specified. The free download still lets you try all of the features, gratis. That's a pretty good deal, mate.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

BadBlue goes WYSIWYG!

Excel-web sharing - spreadsheets HTMLThe new version of BadBlue is out: 2.64. New in this version: WYSIWYG! Cell color, font size, font typeface, font color are all supported. Plus, optimized file uploads are reported as well.

Excel-web sharing - spreadsheets HTMLThe administrator can control whether or not WYSIWYG is used. For speed reasons, it may be faster in certain cases to forego formatting (say, in an intensive data-entry situation). See the Advanced Help for details.

Get the free download and check it out.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

BadBlue 2.63 adds Excel Web Keyboard Navigation

Excel-web sharing from BadBlueThe new version of BadBlue is out: 2.63. It adds to the suite of Excel-Web sharing capabilities and also offers some better overall installation/uninstall support:

  • Excel keyboard navigation - users can now key through workbooks using the arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, etc. Much easier for those used to working with the keyboard.

  • Hotkey functionality - F, G, and I keys can be used to find/replace, goto and insert, respectively.

  • Current cell highlighting - the current cell is always highlighted, so you can easily see empty cells, which was somewhat difficult before.

  • Single-quote and plus-sign data-entry fixed - if you ever had problems entering single-quotes (e.g., "O'Reilly") or plus-signs before, those issues are addressed in v2.63.

  • Web-excel sharing with BadBlueLast, but not least:

  • New, improved Installer/Uninstaller - the installation program has been upgraded and now supports full uninstall from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs control center.

  • Get the free download or order Enterprise Edition today.

    Monday, March 21, 2005

    BadBlue adds Excel Web Charting Support!

    BadBlue v2.62 Excel Web Sharing with Chart SupportThis is pretty cool. The new version of BadBlue (v2.62) just came out and it adds some wickety-whack (uhm, that means "kewl") new features:

  • Charts are supported! Yes, you heard that right, if you have charts in your workbooks, they'll publish right over the web automagically... and you can control the charts' appearance including size and resolution.

  • Navigation through workbooks is much, much easier: the navigation buttons now appears on the small, popup editor window so you can navigate without the click, button press, click button press, ... cycle. Much slicker and faster.

  • You can control how linked workbooks operate, meaning whether links are updated, which kinds of links update, etc.

  • The feature added a little while ago where the Manage and Help tabs don't appear for remote users (that is, normal users and not remote administrators) now works consistently in all folder exploring modes. I guess the tabs could show up sometimes when they weren't supposed to... but now that's been remedied.

    Check it out... get the free download now because it has a free preview of all the Excel sharing features. Or just go ahead and order the Enterprise version if you want to get started on true Excel collaboration.

  • Sunday, February 20, 2005

    v2.61 of BadBlue Excel Web Collaboration Server

    Click here for AmazonFinally... the new version of BadBlue (version 2.61) is out with some features that were heavily requested.

    * Remote users no longer see the Manage and Help tabs - there is a much cleaner look for external users. Only local users and remote administrators can see the management interface. See the User Security page for details!

    * Excel freshness indicators available - if you have multiple users updating Excel workbooks using BadBlue's unique Excel web-sharing features, you can now provide "freshness indicators" to see which folders and files have been modified since your last visit. See the Excel sharing page for details!

    * Enhancement in Excel web sharing access control: now cell-by-cell read- and write-restrictions for users incorporates support for tabbed workbooks. That is, each user can have a different security profile (ability to read or write different cells) for each tabbed workbook in an Excel file. See the Advanced Excel Sharing page for details!

    * Faster performance for core web-serving capabilities. New security enhancements have allowed us to streamline the core user-interface web server logic while hardening the system against attacks.

    Get the latest - visit the download center for Personal Edition v2.61 or the Product Page to order Enterprise Edition v2.61.