Saturday, July 10, 2004

Can't stop... won't stop... (using Excel)

BadBlue XLmergeBadBlue has introduced another product for sharing Excel spreadsheets over the web. This one is targeted for:

Users who won't give up Excel!

You know who you are! Basically, XLmerge is a kind of version control system for Excel spreadsheets. It's basically a "smart" web server. Users download spreadsheets (and multiple users in different locations can work on the same file at the same time). After they're finished making changes, they upload the spreadsheets back to the server. The system merges their changes -- subject to various security restrictions -- so that the master copy of the file is always secure.

Like their other products, there is the full range of audit logging, cell-by-cell update restrictions and so on. But this solution encompasses the users who can't (or won't) stop using their favorite power-tool: Excel.

BadBlue XLmerge - don't give up Excel to webify


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