Sunday, December 12, 2004

Version 2.55 of BadBlue Excel Web Server

Click here for AmazonI just received this from the (BadBlue) QA people. The new versions of Enterprise Edition -- and the free Personal Edition -- have been released and are available. The details are:

BadBlue Personal Edition version 2.55 is now available at the download center:

This version provides the following enhancements:

1) Certain browsers were incompatible with the Upload capability and script POST operations under certain conditions; these issues have been addressed in version 2.55
2) Excel-web sharing data-entry now handles an unlimited number of change operations before the "Save Changes" button is pressed
3) Excel-web sharing data-entry handles quote characters more gracefully
4) Remote administrators may now view real-time download history and status
5) Excel-web sharing now supports a "frozen row" header feature, which allows you to freeze a row even if you scroll left or right (to help you navigate - see this page for details).

Enterprise Edition will be available within the next few business days. For registered Enterprise Edition customers, please email who desire a free upgrade, please email your order-number and order-date to with a subject heading of "Auto Upgrade".


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