Sunday, April 17, 2005

BadBlue 2.63 adds Excel Web Keyboard Navigation

Excel-web sharing from BadBlueThe new version of BadBlue is out: 2.63. It adds to the suite of Excel-Web sharing capabilities and also offers some better overall installation/uninstall support:

  • Excel keyboard navigation - users can now key through workbooks using the arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, etc. Much easier for those used to working with the keyboard.

  • Hotkey functionality - F, G, and I keys can be used to find/replace, goto and insert, respectively.

  • Current cell highlighting - the current cell is always highlighted, so you can easily see empty cells, which was somewhat difficult before.

  • Single-quote and plus-sign data-entry fixed - if you ever had problems entering single-quotes (e.g., "O'Reilly") or plus-signs before, those issues are addressed in v2.63.

  • Web-excel sharing with BadBlueLast, but not least:

  • New, improved Installer/Uninstaller - the installation program has been upgraded and now supports full uninstall from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs control center.

  • Get the free download or order Enterprise Edition today.