Sunday, July 25, 2004

New version 2.52 introduced

BadBlue's web Excel features have been upgraded in Enterprise Edition version 2.52 (just released).

Here are some links of interest regarding version 2.52 and webifying Excel:

Tutorial - new features
Advanced usage - 2.52 additions

And don't tell anyone, but here's a $10 off coupon for BadBlue Enterprise Edition that still seems to work. Just type in the following code when asked if you have any coupons: D1RFCB180009.

The order form is here: Popup order form.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Can't stop... won't stop... (using Excel)

BadBlue XLmergeBadBlue has introduced another product for sharing Excel spreadsheets over the web. This one is targeted for:

Users who won't give up Excel!

You know who you are! Basically, XLmerge is a kind of version control system for Excel spreadsheets. It's basically a "smart" web server. Users download spreadsheets (and multiple users in different locations can work on the same file at the same time). After they're finished making changes, they upload the spreadsheets back to the server. The system merges their changes -- subject to various security restrictions -- so that the master copy of the file is always secure.

Like their other products, there is the full range of audit logging, cell-by-cell update restrictions and so on. But this solution encompasses the users who can't (or won't) stop using their favorite power-tool: Excel.

BadBlue XLmerge - don't give up Excel to webify

Excel 2003 Bible

Excel 2003 BibleJohn Walkenbach's Excel 2003 Bible is considered the ultimate resource for Excel power-users. Walkenback has been working with Excel since its inception (I remember him from the early days) and his web site is an excellent resource for information.

BadBlue's new Excel sharing features

BadBlue has had browser-based sharing of Excel spreadsheets for a while now. But a new version has completely revamped the user-interface, added cell-level security, audit logging, and a host of other new features.

From the site:

Looking for an easy, secure way to share Excel spreadsheets over the web or even a local area network (LAN)? Using nothing more than a browser, you can now leverage Excel in ways you never thought possible. And you can do it without hiring expensive consultants, without programming, and without any hassle. BadBlue's new Excel Sharing features include:

  • Instantly share spreadsheets over the web - no programming and minimal setup
  • Password-protection - protect your spreadsheets with login-names and passwords
  • Update multiple cells at a time - a much easier user-interface
  • Multi-user conflict resolution - when two users change the same cell
  • Complete auditing and logging - you can track every change to your spreadsheets
  • Grid read protection by user - you can restrict which users can see which cells
  • Grid write protection by user - you can restrict which users can update which cells

  • BadBlue Enterprise Edition and Excel Web Sharing


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